#35: Sweden

Year: Unknown
Grapes: Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon
Producer: The Winery Hotel, Stockholm
Alcohol: 14%
Source: A gift from Dan Farrimond and Rachel Phillips, obtained on a trip to Stockholm


Welcome to the first (and likely only, although it was a lot of fun!) episode of the Chris and Livvy Drink Wine Podcast!!

Show notes

We discussed a lot of awesome podcasts in this review so here are some links, in case you want to subscribe to any of them too!

  • The Tennis Podcast: a weekly podcast from David Law and Catherine Whitaker discussing the ATP and WTA tennis tournaments, with daily episodes during the Grand Slams! It’s a great insight into the sport and a must for tennis fans!
  • Wine for Normal People: as described, a podcast to teach about wine without the snobbery and pomp that can sometimes influence discussions on wine. Really educational and always interesting!
  • The West Wing Weekly: do you like the West Wing? If so, why aren’t you listening to this? Great in-depth discussions on each episode with great guests and insights.
  • The Guilty Feminist: a podcast exploring our noble goals as 21st century feminists and the hypocrisies and insecurities which undermine them. I love it!
  • Buffering the Vampire Slayer: as above for the West Wing Weekly but about Buffy. So much over-excited fandom, so much Buffy discussion. It’s fab!
  • No Such Thing As A Fish: hilarious facts from the QI team in a consistently funny podcast
  • 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy: exactly as described! The list they’ve curated includes some really fascinating choices, and I’ve loved learning about them.
  • More Or Less: a BBC statistics podcast that is more interesting than it may sound! Fact checking, number crunching and political wrong righting. Perfect.
  • 99% Invisible: similar to 50 Things with similar fascinating insights into the every day.
  • Unscrewed: a podcast for people who know that true liberation includes sexual liberation. Feminist, sex positive, brilliant.
  • The Dildorks: dorky discourse on sex, dating and masturbating!

These aren’t the only ones I listen to but they’re the among the best. Do let me know if you want more recommendations!!

Wine info

7500 bottles of this Swedish red were produced at the Winery Hotel, just north of Stockholm, using Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes picked in Terreno, Tuscany. The production process was overseen by oenologist Luca Rettondini – also a wine maker at the famous vineyard Le Macchiole.

Wine Verdict

We gave our immediate verdict during the podcast recording above so I hope you listened! Here is a brief summary…


Fruity and fresh, spicy and warm, very good!

7/10, would visit the Swedish hotel to drink again


The year wasn’t listed on the bottle, but I’d be surprised if this was made much before 2015 – it certainly tasted young, fresh and lively, with just enough warm sour fruit to ensure it didn’t get swamped by the meaty sauce. Very drinkable!



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